Listen to Your Teacher: Lessons from the Adobe Summit Keynote

If there was a theme that ran through Tuesday’s Adobe keynote it was Adobe Sensei.  Sensei is Adobe’s Artificial Intelligence (AI) engine that has been incorporated into their suite of cloud-based products – primarily their Experience Cloud and Creative Cloud.  The exciting part about this is that the AI learns, or is trained, by the collective user base of designers.  For instance, in the Creative Cloud, it takes input from the way images are cut or resized for different aspect ratios or the way masks are created.  According to Adobe, they can then leverage this intelligence to develop and suggest tools that help designers be more productive.  One example is how the Sensei product can automatically resize and re-cut images for different aspect ratios.

On the Experience Cloud side, the AI is more focused on marketing and media channel optimizations.  In the keynote demo, the Sensei tool was used to automatically allocate media spend based on campaign performance data.  This is, essentially, programmatic media planning and buying, localized in a client-based marketing tool, as opposed to a media buying agency.  Media buying is already approaching a commodity-like business model and this will only be hastened as that intelligence travels further away from agencies and into the hands of client marketing teams.

Whether or not the AI is effective in doing any of these tasks well is yet to be seen, but the intelligence of the Sensei product should only improve over time with use and training.