A Look Back at SXSW

There were so many things to do and see at SXSW it was hard to avoid being overwhelmed. So much knowledge and information that it was difficult to choose the best panel and keynotes to check-in to. There were more than 200 sessions happening at the same time, in too many different places, making it an impossibility to see even close to the amount you’d like to.

We saw some main themes come through, such as VR production. Elon Musk’s surprise appearance conference caused an enormous freak-out and it turned the attention to the rush to Mars and, as well as all his products and companies. Another important theme was ‘Fake News’ and how to stop it. People were debating a lot on these topics throughout the week.

One speaker that got my attention was the former governor of California, Arnold Schwarzenegger. He proved to be much more intelligent than I would have initially thought him to be – in fact, I would like to see a politician like him in Brazil. Very clear, clever, straightforward and, at the same time, someone who knows how to be diplomatic. I think that he pumped his brains as well as his muscles in his youth. He gave me a master class about the American way of life.

But to me, the hallmark event was the interview with Young Guru. He discussed musical production coupled with innovation and also touched on the social connection with local people towards the development of some areas. His vision of innovation does not apply to only products, but also to companies. It is pointless for companies to innovate in products and but not on the ways people interact among themselves.

Checking out predictions for the future of innovation from Ray Kurzweil was great, amazing and explosive. He is someone I have long followed and I left the Convention Center walking on clouds with the many cool things he said. Great and innovative things are ready to come, stay tuned for more!

Wrapping up…
Elon Musk is the man!
Arnold is the most clear minded politician in the world.
Young Guru for president.

SXSW 2019, I’ll be back.