Storytelling, Machine Learning and Human Experiences

SXSW is quickly approaching and our team is eager to get up close and personal with our ever-evolving industry. In addition to our speaking opportunities and demos (learn more here), we will once again be sending a team to cover the overwhelming amount of content produced throughout the week (so you don’t have to!).

Meet the team and find out what they’re most looking forward to as they head to Austin, other than BBQ and tacos, of course.

Allie DeBaere, Account Director

I am looking forward to hearing from speakers, panels, and thought-leaders on the impact of data and analytics on a wide range of industries and scenarios.  It will be interesting to understand the similarities and differences in their approach to using data to predict consumer behavior and customize consumer experiences.  There is a fascinating interplay between the value of leveraging data to improve experiences and the things that we lose in the process (such as creativity).  Asking questions like, “when has data gone too far?” are just as important as asking how we can better leverage it to make change – whether that be in a business context, or for humanity at large.  Finally, I’m excited to dive deeper into the implications of misrepresenting truths via errors in data visualization, a critical tool to bring the impact of data and analytics to life.

Shawna Ramsey, Account Manager

How can technology advancements impact our depth as a society? There is a lot of hype about how humanity is glued to their devices with less emphasis on how this tech has made a difference to humanity. Innovation brings insights that transform products, people and cultures. How do we harness these tools to help us be better humans – in the world at large and to each other? I’m excited to find out how things like data, emerging tech, and storytelling propel us into a world of connected dreamers and doers.

Jenessa Carder, Associate Strategy Director

SXSW always beings an influx of inspiration through the stories told and conversations had. This year, I’m looking forward to hosting conversations around how AI and Machine Learning impacts human interactions and experiences, how to inspire others to take charge of new initiatives or try something new, and engage in conversations concerning the ethical considerations that we should design for or consult our clients on in relation to emerging technologies like drones, chatbots, algorithms and voice interactions.

Ashleigh Alley, Senior Interactive Developer

As a first-timer attending SXSW, I am looking forward to seeing everything! That said, what I’m most excited to explore is how technology is advancing with regard to AR/VR, automotive, electronics and UX animation. In addition, I’m interested in seeing how visual design will continue to evolve along with new functionality and interactive elements. Throughout the week I plan to attend as many workshops as possible, including, ARKit, wearable electronics, and AMP. Meetups and hackathons are a must for me as well and I look forward to coming back even more inspired than I am heading into the conference.

Catie Carlton, Senior Visual Designer

I’m very interested in joining the conversation around the practical applications for the technologies we’ve been tapping into ourselves, such as mixed reality experiences and voice integration. What relationships are forming that serve consumers; How are consumers responding; etc. I’m also excited to hear about some of the social considerations that are part and parcel to the technology we’re helping to advance.  Particularly, I’m eager to learn more about legal implications and codes of conduct in AR/VR, gender and pay gap, and cultural/corporate responsibly.

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In the meantime, we’ll be shining out cowboy boots…