CES Consumer Experience

Seeing the Right Things or Seeing Everything

This year at CES, maturity seems to be the talk of the town. Technology that was new and clunky a couple of years ago, is getting smaller, and cheaper and, most importantly, more available.  Companies that were small and scrappy a couple of years ago, have grown into a larger space at the show and presence in the marketplace.  Marketers and agencies that once came to the show out of curiosity and as visitors to another industry, are now critical parts of the conversation as the dependency between technology and content continues to grow.

It is striking to see the variety of companies set up side by side whilst walking through Eureka Park.  A cartoon augmented reality app sits across from a platform for accelerated development of VR applications.  A LEGO-like toy set that teaches kids to code is one booth over from a tiny volumetric capture camera that could one day allow 3D content to be created with a phone.

It’s exciting to see these innovations side by side, but, it is also overwhelming.  With 4,000 exhibitors in over 2.6 million square feet (https://www.ces.tech/About-CES/CES-by-the-Numbers.aspx) it’s impossible to see everything.  Just when you get the lay of the land, the conference will come to a close.

So…Dear CES: It’s time for Eureka Park to join the trend and mature.  Help the diverse group of more than 184,000 attendees find the things that they are looking for.  Create a section for consumer products and a section for components of larger applications.  Keep some of the cool collections of products provided by incubators and funding sources like Kickstarter and IndieGogo, but outside of those, help us curate the content we’re looking to see, just as we’ve come to expect from our favorite technology.