Okay Google…Can You Ask Alexa to Turn off the Lights?

Before the show even starts, one thing is clear:  AI assistants are battling it out to become our favorite.  Google has blanketed the city with advertising, but first thing this morning Amazon announced that Alexa is about to be integrated into our driverless vehicles.

Reminiscent of the mobile app store battles, keeping up with both Google and Alexa voice features is clearly going to be important in the coming months and, likely, years.  Businesses will need to keep their consumer-facing skills up to date in both platforms, but also follow how partners hips and integrations are determining who will come out on top.

In another exciting early announcement, the HTC Vive Pro may be taking us one step closer to “cordless” VR by-making experiences more accessible and more portable.  Over the past year we’ve seen AR gaining traction in general consumer applications because it’s more accessible, but the time may be coming where the platform is chosen based on the application, rather than the accessibility. For our clients, more options means both complexity and opportunity. Choosing the right platform for an application can be confusing, but when done correctly the results can be transformative.

With some announcements on Monday around connected vehicles and even more in-vehicle screens and Tuesday’s Ford keynote we’re looking forward to checking out the automotive innovations.  Later today, we’ll also be touring the Eureka Park area to check out the newest ideas so stay tuned for updates!