Isobar Highlights from the 2017 D Show

Creative agencies in Detroit seem to be constantly at odds, always trying to one-up each other in pitches. This breeds a culture of self-preservation and secrecy within each agency. But for one night a year in Detroit, we forget all that and choose to celebrate our creative and personal similarities. At The D Show, awards are given out for the best work from the past year. Pride and excitement for the entire local industry were shared by all as we admired the work done by our colleagues. In this spirit, some attendees from Isobar would like to share their favorite submissions from this year’s ceremony.

Volvo ABCs of Death – Best Of The Craft

“The ad that caught my attention was Volvo ABCs of Death.  It was awarded Best of Craft for Original Music.  Ironically, the clip shown at the D Show focused more on the end of the ad including the unique pay off on the product feature, instead of the award-winning music which can be heard in the longer clip at” – Ken Zendel

U by Kotex Fitness Launch – Best Of Integrated Branding Campaign

“The U by Kotex Fitness Launch was based on extensive surveys where 3 in 5 women stated it is more difficult to exercise during their period. Kotex created products to rid those barriers, so women could feel comfortable to exercise whenever and wherever they want. My favorite part of this campaign is that it shows a wide range of women feeling body-confident.  Some of the work done with Jessamyn Stanley was particularly great. The entire campaign is authentic, real, and inspiring which is why it brought home the ‘Best Of’ Integrated Branding Campaign Award.” – Shawna Ramsey


Nothing to Sell – Minute Maid – Innovative marketing

“I thought the Holiday Store with ‘Nothing to Sell’ was very heartfelt and shows that some of the best gifts aren’t bought. If their goal was to bring tears to people’s eyes, well then they succeeded. I think it made it obvious for consumers to see that the Minute Maid brand really cares and understands parents. This pop-up was a very fitting addition to Minute Maid’s #doinggood campaign and Doner’s execution was well thought out.” – Cassandra Dykla


Rain, Crawl, Beat Box – National Responsible Fatherhood Clearinghouse – Best of PSA/Political

“Ads that make me laugh are my favorite and the PSA for the National Responsible Fatherhood Clearinghouse brought a smile to my face. Any Dad who can solidly beat box on the stomach of their infant son, deserves an award.” – Phil DeAngelis

These ads helped to create an electric atmosphere that was bolstered by the energy of agencies coming together to share pride in all of the amazing work being done in Metro Detroit. With the majority of D Show winners being outside the automotive category, it also affirms the mid-west’s stake in creating meaningful work. The ceremony also encompassed a small town feel in a big city, with many of the attendees sharing memories of past work and ideas for future aspirations. Isobar Detroit continues to be a growing part of that conversation and we are excited and hopeful to see what the future holds.

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