The Motor City: More than just cars…

Detroit is the city that put America on wheels.  We’ve had oil and gasoline coursing through our veins for over 100 years.

Yet, Detroiters, while proud of the auto industry, are quick to point out  we’re more than just the home of the automobile.  We’re also the home of great musicians, from Motown’s glory including Stevie Wonder and Aretha Franklin to Eminem, from Madonna to The White Stripes and many more.  In addition to GM and Ford, numerous firms including Quicken Loans, Ally Financial, Domino’s Pizza, Little Caesars, Shinola, Duo Security and  others have their headquarters in Metro Detroit.

The advertising landscape in the D mirrors the overall community.  As such, automotive accounts dominate the Detroit advertising industry.  We are fortunate many of these brands choose to keep the work here, as they are the reason Detroit is a major ad town.  And just like the overall population, the local ad community wants to be known for more than just selling cars.  Is it a desire to not be typecast?  Is it a craving for more and more?  Is it the typical human belief that the grass must be greener on the other side?

This “more than just cars” mentality was on full display at AdCraft’s Annual D Show, a celebration of advertising created in Detroit.  While there was tremendous work across many automotive brands, (including some from our agency for both Cadillac and GMC), the judges decided to award all but one of the eight Best Of winners to non-automotive work (i.e. ads for cool bike shops, Netflix and more).

Perhaps it was that same desire to show ourselves, and the world, that this town can be known for more than automotive; in this instance automotive creative… all the while knowing we create better automotive advertising here than anyone anywhere else.

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