Artists from the Ashes

Local Detroit Ad Awards Show Honors Uplifting Murals

Advertising award shows can seem like a time for patting ourselves on the back, a much-needed 3 hours of reflection in a fast-paced industry. But it’s also a night to dress to the nines, or for some, find the weirdest pants in your closet, flip them inside out and top it all off with a knit cap. The 2017 D Show in Detroit embodies all that, but also conjures the unique cheerfulness of a family reunion –or at least a reunion of all your oddest uncles.

For many party goers at the D Show, seeing your old work friends and showing off your threads is reason enough to be there. In fact, the awards portion itself can sometimes fall by the wayside. This year, however, one award in particular really stood out.

To take nothing away from some impressive print, broadcast and digital entries, it was the second to last ‘golden D chain’ that actually quieted an otherwise raucous audience. The Ambassador Award. One that recognizes a person or team that has contributed to the resurgence of a city rising from the ashes.

Roula David and Jesse Cory were this year’s deserved recipients, for their entry “Murals in the Market.” A video montage of these pieces covered beautifully painted building facades in the city’s bustling Eastern Market. Many of these abstract layouts capture the raw emotions of a city in repair, while others realistically depict laborers and homegrown musicians, including Eminem and the D12 crew.

Instead of getting lost in the shuffle, these artists were an absolute highlight of the D show. Congrats to Roula, Jesse and all of the artists who contributed. The show also highlighted the impressive work of local designers who produced a satisfying depth of entries. It proved that not even the din of a rowdy social scene could drown out a true celebration of the hardworking and talented artists that inhabit the city of Detroit.

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