Casual Apparel Retail Report

For our second analysis of the retail industry Isobar and alpha-DNA evaluate casual apparel retailers. What we have seen in our previous retail report, “Big Eight Retail,” and in our second analysis, “Casual and Specialty Apparel,” is that the companies that are succeeding – or should we say surviving – are the ones that not only make digital a priority, but also stay true to who they are and forge their own trail. The market is rewarding those with a clear and compelling vision aligned with their brand and customer base.

Key Findings

  • Gap’s digital weakness relative to its peers puts it at a significant disadvantage in the long run, and we predict it will likely lose further share.
  • American Eagle Outfitters has barely been able to stem the retail decline, aided by their digital scale and eCommerce growth.
  • Relative to its revenue share, Urban Outfitters looks to be outpacing its peers. Though this still is a “less bad” scenario than a true “good” scenario.
  • With the smallest revenue in this peer group and no differentiating digital metrics, Express and Buckle lack scale and are fast becoming irrelevant.

Weighted Scorecard

Green arrows dominate trajectory, indicating the maturity of the retail space. Unlike some other industries where the correlation varies, digital success in retail is highly correlated to financial results. However, even though this peer group is digitally mature, revenue growth has been on a steep decline without the consistent support of a strong brand and strategy.


Gain ground in an industry struggling for growth 

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