VR2020: A Recap from Panelist, Julie Huynh

In collaboration with NYC Television Week, the VR 20/20 Summit focused on the industry’s growing appetite for new technological experiences. As the next major tech trend, VR and AR has the potential to disrupt the market in the same way that televisions, personal computers, and smartphones have done in the past.

Converging minds in VR/AR media, technology pioneers, investors and creatives shared their industry secrets as a part of the NYC Television Week event. Set-up with a mixture of networking events and panels, experts trade secrets from their industry.

Isobar was invited to speak about our Wyndham VR Project on the VR Travel Agent panel. We had the pleasure to share the stage with Casey Sapp (VRTUL), Christine Cattano (Framestore), and Richard Cumming (Two Goats). Covering topics on how to use VR for travel brands and creating meaningful VR travel experiences, the discussion went on to examine the unique strengths VR/AR brings to travel brands. We discussed the scalability and profitability of using VR/AR technology in the travel realm, and how companies can effectively utilize these emerging technologies to their advantage.

The conference featured a variety of other talks ranging from commerce, educators, storytellers, medicine, and real estate. Below is a clip from the VR storytelling panel, delving into a discussion of VR storytelling techniques.

Leading into VR/AR’s investment landscape for 2017, the conference covered a variety of hot VR/AR subjects with perspectives in a variety of disciplines and professionals in the industry.

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