We had it all covered at #AWNewYork

From the trending futuristic, to your basic emotional needs

As always, it’s tough to cut through the cluster that is Advertising Week.  Each year, thousands of advertisers descend on Times Square to create seemingly the largest echo chamber in existence. Of course, to avoid the event completely, would not only be seemingly impossible, but also a big oversight.
This year, we had two speakers representing Isobar covering two of the hottest industry topics: AI and emotion science. 


Leigh Christie, Director of NowLab Americas was up first.  On a panel at OMMA AI (a tangential conference to Advertising Week), Leigh and representatives from DDB, Organic, the community and Mediacom USA discussed the learning machines and how this technology will play out in the world of marketing and advertising.
All panelists agreed that is asking for some sort of AI, or some “AI dust that we can sprinkle on projects,” as Leigh put it.  The excitement and the potential are there, but clients need to be ready to invest without the proof points of case studies because the technology is so new. 
When discussing a bit touchier subject about the future of AI, Leigh provided this metaphor: When you look at a colony of ants, are you scared?  No.  This is about the best we can hope for when AI reaches its full potential – that we are their ants.


Next up was Jessica Azoulay who spoke on the Shutterstock Stage about enhancing user experience and ad effectiveness by measuring emotions.  Emotion science is one of our core capabilities stemming from our Marketing Intelligence practice and this conversation allowed us to discuss the different techniques that we use and hear from others from the likes of Pinterest, R/GA, PwC and MediaScience, on their approaches.
Discussion focused on how technology has enabled us to get closer to reading the consumer’s mind (not in a creepy way, of course).  By bringing together rationale and emotional measurement, we are able to take consumer predictability to an entirely new level.  Technology has changed the way brands and marketers can engage with consumers and, so long as they use this data effectively, the consumer experience is unparalleled.  
Jessica touched on her issue with the term neuro-marketing, as it often skips over one of the most crucial pieces: the emotions. At Isobar, by combining neuroscience together with MindSight, our proprietary emotion testing tool, we’re able to ensure that both pieces of the puzzle come into play, giving clients an incredibly complete picture.  
To learn more about our AI and Emotion Science work and opinions, reach out to Leigh (leigh.christie@isobar.com) + Jessica (jessica.azoulay@isobar.com)! 
Naturally those weren’t the only events we attended throughout the week.  To get more of our on-the-ground takeaways, check out our blog and twitter account!