Emotion AI Summit

Recently, Isobar was invited to participate in Affectiva’s Emotion AI Summit hosted at the MIT MediaLab. The Summit explores how Emotion AI can get us deeper connections with technology, with businesses and with the people we care about.

Members of our Marketing Intelligence Practice were on the ground demonstrating our latest and greatest emotion measurement techniques. This included our Communications Testing Solution, which uses biometrics (EEG, EMG, GSR, etc.) to passively measure experiences from websites to VR/AR.

Attendees were also able to create and run their own research studies through our self-service emotion measurement platform, MindSight Direct.

One of our Vice Presidents, joined fellow experts in the emotion measurement space for a panel discussion: The Next Wave of Personalization with Consumer Insights & Analytics.

Building deeper, emotional connections is essential to building relationships with consumers. How can businesses do this effectively with their target audiences – and at scale? What if brands were able to not only understand how consumers feel about their content, but also develop dynamic brand experiences on emotional responses of customers? The future of customer experience, retail, advertising and branding is all on the table in this panel discussion on how Emotion AI can be used to facilitate this deeper connection to brand content.

Watch the recorded session here. http://bit.ly/2fS2peO

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