Facing the Data and Technology Transparency Problem

It started with a controversial speech made by P&G’s Marc Pritchard at the IAB Annual Leadership Meeting in January of 2017: “The days of giving digital a pass are over,” Mr. Pritchard urged the rest of the ad industry to follow P&G”s lead. “It’s time to grow up. It’s time for action.”

Another strong theme at this year’s Advertising Week revolved around addressing the technology transparency problem and an immediate need to clean up the digital media ecosystem.

The “viewability” of online advertising, a measurement relating to whether it has been seen, or clicked on, by a person, is a major concern for brands. Publishers and Ad Serving Platforms have frequently been called to the carpet based on serious claims of non-transparent media supply chain with spotty compliance to common standards, unreliable measurement, hidden rebates and new inventions like bot fraud.

John Montgomery, the Global Executive Vice President of Brand Safety for Group M stressed to the crowd that publishers need to hold inventory up to higher standards and not ask brands and their media agencies to continue to scrape the bottom of the barrel in order to meet the standard impression results. He hopes that the industry can band together across its silos and create a new set of success metrics that will shock the current system.

Major players like Facebook and Google have been tasked with further increasing their Brand Safety measures after a number of sited slip-ups where brands paid for placements that ended up next to content that extremely jeopardized their integrity.

In the panel discussion, Bridging the Gap Between Advertising and Publishers, Adam Puchalsky, SVP Managing Director of UM Studios, explained that translating the immense amount of data continues to challenge publishers and brands, “If there is trust between two partners, that is where the gap will be bridged. The data is inevitable; there is no gap in data. The gap is in the people that you trust with your business and quite frankly with your career.”

Transparency in reporting, measurement, and quality between partners and their clients will remain a central part of any campaign. The groups working together to fix the many holes in the current landscape will bring the space back to its former glory.

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