A Look Back on our Favorite Sessions from the Digital Summit Detroit

This year a small group from Isobar attended the 2017 Digital Summit Detroit. The event covers a wide array of digital marketing topics including Content, Search + SEO, Email, Mobile + Video, UX + Design, Social, and Strategy. Our crew selected a slew of interesting sessions to attend.

Here are a few highlights from our on the ground folks about their favorite session:

Engaging In A Connected World With The Power Of Audio | Gabe Tartaglia, Pandora

“Gabe walked the audience through the evolution of audio and how streaming audio has become one of the most common forms of driving engagement among all age groups, with 1 in 2 Americans streaming music every week. Not only that, but time spent in streaming music apps ranks the highest among some of the most common used apps such as YouTube, Instagram, Snapchat etc. due to its nature of consumption. The next step for marketers is to leverage the power of audio and explore personalization of ads. As we’ve seen this done in display and video, Pandora is now looking to dynamically serve personalized ads to its listeners based on factors like: time of day, platform, weather, day of the week city or even if a brands app is installed or not, in order to drive higher ad performance as well as meaningful connections that speak to its users.” Phillip Gross, Account Lead

Build Innovative Teams: Insights from Google, Pixar and Shopify | Vivienne Kay, Shopify

“Vivienne described what culture and creativity are, encouraging us to use these in building innovative teams. She gave us a break down of what companies like Google and Shopify are doing. The big takeaway here came from Google’s Project Aristotle, a project in which Google set out to discover how to build the perfect team. From this project they were able to discover that a key common trait to successful teams is psychological safety, a term describing our level of feeling safe – enough to ask any question, be comfortable and the ability things without fear of being judged. Vivienne left us with the hope that we would work to build on our teammates ideas, rather than taking away from them.” Ka Lee, Visual Designer


Virtual Reality: Measuring User Experiences, Justifying Investment | Dave Meeker, Isobar

“With VR/AR/MR technology enveloping today’s world, Dave provided us with a deeper look into VR technology and the importance of being able to understand how these experiences drive emotional engagement. Brands that want to explore how they can best utilize this technology beyond just the experience are looking for ways to be able to test and validate, which is exactly what Isobar and its partnership with the MIT Media Lab has done. What can now be delivered through Isobar’s VR measurement and analytics platform are profound insights that inspire unique strategies and solutions for brands looking to invest in this ever-growing space.” Phillip Gross, Account Lead


User Research Tips To Take Your Product Concepts to the Next Level | Max Roytman, Google

“Max mentioned that there are three key phases when researching product concept development: Analyze, Observe, and Ask. In terms of Analyze, he shared that it was important to conduct this phase as a comprehensive literature review and it must be done before tackling the other two methods. Marketers often try to tackle a variety of research methods at once, leading to an inability to get the most out of a research phase. Hearing Max’s streamlined process was very refreshing and it was easy to comprehend how it would be efficient.” Shawna Ramsey, Account Manager


Email List Growth Strategies: It’s All About the Relationship | Susan Prater, Salesforce

“According to Susan, 79% of leads never convert, and that’s due to bad lead nurturing strategy. She suggests creating your entire content strategy upfront in order to execute and achieve goals that please both you and the consumer. Mix up content to keep user’s inboxes feeling fresh, and avoid unwanted “graymail”—that unwanted content that users may mark as spam, even though they signed up for it. Make sure to be honest in the subject line and keep cross promotion to a minimum with low-frequency sending, no more than two blasts per month.” Catie Carlton, Senior Visual Designer


When You Give A Brand A Bot | Rebecca Harris, General Motors

“Rebecca Harris from GM’s Social Center of Excellence illustrated the evolution of digital communication from the first days of email to social media and, now, into the world of bots. Businesses are beginning to understand the benefits and need for technology, such as bots — in fact 48% currently use automation technology and that’s only expected to increase by 40% more adopting it by 2020. It’s clear that bots not only provide companies a means to create savings (potentially up to $23B in customer service for example), but can also boost sales and change brand perception as well. On the flip side, customers expect convenience, entertainment and most of all value.” Phillip Gross, Account Lead