How to Turn Bad Ideas into Great Ones (or Lemons into Lemonade)

Bad Ideas. Pet rocks. Celery flavored Jello. Microsoft Zune.

Everyone has dealt with or purchased a bad idea. But sometimes bad ideas or situations can lead to innovation and success. Did you know that Percy Spencer was working on radar-related research with a new vacuum tube when a chocolate bar in his pocket melted. Realizing the (messy) outcome, he then tried popcorn and stumbled on a microwave. Or how about Wayne Huizenga who used his years of experience as a garbage collection manager to create the Fortune 500 company Waste Management, Inc.

So how can we take bad ideas and create great outcome with Design Thinking? Isobar Boston and The Boston Design Thinking Meetup hope to tackle this topic with  ‘Turning Lemon into Lemonade’ — an after-hours gathering this Thursday, July 27 at 6:00 PM. Good ideation sessions lead to many good ideas but normally, they don’t usually focus on bad ideas. So we want to dive into bad, awful, disgusting and possibly offensive ideas to fuel revolutionary solutions. Our goal is exploring how bad situations and ideas can drive innovative thought. Sometimes the best way to inspire great ideas is by exploring the worst possible solutions first.

So if you want to join us, bring your imaginations, open minds and sense of humor. We are looking forward sharing some bad ideas (and pizza) together!

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