Isobar at Eyeo 2017

The Eyeo Festival is a yearly gathering of artists, creative technologist and provocative thinkers that occurs yearly in Minneapolis, Minnesota. The main venue is the Walker Art Center, a perfect environment for stepping away for typical corporate and academic environments.

Given recent advances I don’t think it is possible to talk about creative technology and not talk about AI or Machine Learning and while it’s easy to tire of hearing of such a hot topic, Eyeo brought in some truly unique practitioners and thinkers.

Robin Sloan, the author of the NYT best seller Mr. Penumbra’s 24-Hour Bookstore gave an inspiring talk about how he is using the power of machine learning, and an archive of science fiction from the 60’s to create a tool that can complete his thoughts in new ways during his writing process. You can read more here.

Gene Kogan and Jason Salavon each presented work from their practice of teaching Artificial Intelligence to imagine new and otherwise unthinkable visual art forms.

Paralleling the topics of AI and ML were speakers like Molly Wright SteensonMimi Onuoha, and in smaller part, myself, who spoke about where data comes from, the effects of categorization on data, and the effects it has on the things we create.

Finally Eyeo wouldn’t be complete without updates from the leaders, old and new, in creative technology. Zach Lieberman and Nicolas Felton inspired with talks that reflected on their own practices success and failures. Alexander Chen, Marcin Ignac and Joanie Lemercier showcased their most recent works.

This year, like many year prior, Eyeo has inspired me to look and think outside of industry standards when creating products for our clients and their customers. It is events like Eyeo that remind me that beneath all the technology at our disposal that the truly great work remembers to explore the sublime nature of the human condition.

To read more about Eyeo and it’s speakers visit and check out the Vimeo channel in the coming months for video of all the speakers.