Isobar Introduces MindSight Direct

MindSight® Direct is our latest product offering that combines the power of MindSight with the speed and efficiency clients are seeking. The “self-service” MindSight Direct platform provides brands with the opportunity to create and run their own research studies.

Brands and agencies have long understood the necessity of creating emotional connections. As far back as the 1950’s, Pillsbury suggested that “Nothin’ says lovin’ like somethin’ from the oven.” Although one might argue that there are stronger demonstrations of love than a baked good, clearly Pillsbury and their agency were onto something. As copy testing results have shown through decades, campaigns that elicit strong relevant emotions lead to sales; those that rely on rational arguments do not, and advertising that relies on listing features and benefits is nearing extinction.

If emotional connections are so important, brands and agencies should be measuring them, right? They are, but generally using methods that are heavily qualitative and non-reproducible, and more often than not, do not have a clear theoretical or empirical basis. In 2010, Isobar introduced MindSight®, a method for measuring motivational emotions based on an explicit theory (a peer-reviewed unified model of human motivation) and an extensively validated empirical method (an image-based technique borrowed from applied neuroscience). Most importantly for brands and their agencies, MindSight® made it possible to reliably measure the degree and type of motivation elicited by brands and branded communications, and in the language of marketing (e.g., Dove soap speaks to the desire for Nurturance, whereas BMW speaks to the desire for Mastery).

Over the past 6 years, Isobar has helped some of the top brands develop stronger connections with their consumers. We’ve conducted thousands of MindSight analyses, have developed a robust normative database, and have raised the bar on emotional insights.

So, why isn’t everyone using MindSight? We’ve asked the same question…the reality is that a custom study doesn’t always fit the bill. With today’s “fast fail” world of marketing, where decisions need to be made in days, not weeks (or months for that matter), there isn’t time to wait for results…and there often isn’t budget to pay for the results either. This is the “new normal” of market research, FAST AND CHEAP. With our new MindSight Direct platform we add a third criteria… GOOD, making it the perfect trifecta!