Fast, Simple, Flexible: Introducing MindSight® Direct

The Science of Emotion

MindSight® is Isobar’s proprietary applied neuroscience product, a unique technology built to uncover the emotions that allow us to decode complex human responses and generate actionable insights. MindSight® targets emotions that matter: motivational emotions. Motivations fuel the choices we make, the actions we take and just about everything else.

Think of MindSight® like a charging bull, breaking through all of the barriers of emotional insight. By accessing the emotional brain, we avoid the “can’t say/won’t say” phenomena.

By targeting aspirations and frustrations, MindSight® provides critical insights for marketing to emotional end benefits.

The Power of Emotion Now at Your Fingertips, Literally

The Direct version of our award-winning MindSight® technology gives you the speed necessary to make decisions quickly and win in this “fast fail” world of marketing.


• Fast and inexpensive -10x faster at less than 20% of the cost

• Simple step-by-step administrator experience

• Customizable elements such as audience, demographics and questions

• Flexibility of running as a standalone study or being part of a broader initiative

• Validation in applied-neuroscience approach and metrics

• Norm-based results using the MindSight® normative database


• Interactive results dashboard with downloadable report and data file

• Dynamic analysis of the results with full description of motives, images and word association results

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