Cozy with Cookies

Cookies are crumbs of data that we leave behind as we surf the web. Brands use cookies in order to help target their media ads to be tailored to the individual. Cookies don’t tell information by themselves. Rather they act like a linkage online, following you from one place to the next, allowing for specific behavioral targeting.

In an era of consumer centricity, people have a strong desire to feel good about themselves, and want to see themselves in a positive, self-affirming light. Therefore, people want the things that they buy help them achieve these desires. Something as seemingly insignificant as an online display ad can alter the way a person behaves, reacts and views themselves. Brands need to be smarter about who they’re talking to and how they do so. Behavioral targeting can help with that, given the proper guardrails.

Prior to behavioral targeting, brands were only able to speak to the masses. This doesn’t work hard for either the brand or the consumer. Using consumer insights and behavioral targeting allow brands to first ensure they are targeting the right consumer group that is interested in their brand and would potentially make a purchase. Next, they are able to tailor their message to the individual in an effort to create a direct relationship.

Delivering the right message at the right time allows the brand to establish trust with their consumer. But brands cannot just deliver the right message at the right time. It is not enough anymore. They need to do so without being intrusive. Using data wisely will be the main differentiator during this process. The onus of authenticity is on the brand. Let the consumer see you as helping to solve an issue, caring about them as an individual and wanting to make them a better person. Don’t push the consumer away. Like any other relationship, respect should come first. Connect the data dots kindly and respectfully and you may just gain a new brand ambassador.

Jerry Buhlmann, DAN Global CEO, put it perfectly when he said, “Data makes us better. People make us different.”