Isobar at The Quirk’s Event West


The Quirk’s Event is known as a premiere industry event for Market Research professionals to learn the latest in cutting-edge research and consumer insights. Specializing in just that, our Marketing Intelligence Practice will have a large presence both on stage and in the exhibit hall at Quirk’s West, February 28-March 1 in Irvine, California.

We will be sharing insights from our work with The Toronto Blue Jays and offering demonstrations of MindSight®, our proprietary applied neuroscience product that reveals the unconscious motivations driving consumer behavior.

Additionally, we are introducing MindSight® Express, The Express version of the award-winning technology gives you the speed necessary to make decisions quickly and compete in the “fast fail” world of marketing. Stop by for a demonstration at Booth 500.

More information on Isobar at The Quirk’s Event West:

Out-of-the-Park Insights into the Toronto Blue Jays’ Fan Base

Date: February 28, 9:15am/PT | Room 1

Speaker: Eric Paquette, Vice President

Learn how these insights are…

  • Influencing a remodel of the Rogers Centre to enhance the stadium experience
  • Innovating game-day promotions to target fan segments based on need states and emotional motivations
  • Transforming the ticketing process and disrupting the buyer journey to effectively reach unique segments.

If you are interested in attending Quirk’s West as a guest of Isobar’s, please contact

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