Isobar Women’s Community Charity Auction


There’s something special about having fun while raising money for a great cause; it’s even better when you gain a broader view of just. how. talented. your colleagues are…even beyond their daily work! This perfect storm of generosity, creativity, and laughter rolled into the Chicago office during the Isobar Chicago Women’s Community’s second annual charity fundraiser: a live auction.

In the weeks leading up to the event, we invited our colleagues to share their talents by donating artwork and services. All proceeds would benefit Girls Who Code, a national non-profit organization dedicated to closing the gender gap in the technology industry.


We ended up with over 22 contributions, which included several delicious baked goods, custom portraiture (Liz Stevison and Ramtin Hosseni), a professional photo session (Raf Winterpacht), a gorgeous cherry butcher block cutting board (Anne Demey), Bachata dance lessons (Meenasha Reyes), a handcrafted steel Steampunk Lamp (Jeff Staley), stunning traditional pen and ink medical illustrations (Allyson Meyer) – to name a few from a long list of incredible, high-quality and thoughtful work.


Our very own Josh Berling masterfully conducted the auction while also entertaining the at-capacity crowd. Numerous auction paddles went up and stayed up as the prices rose – usually to the point of gasps, laughter and beads of sweat. “It’s for charity, people!” Josh often reminded the room.


Halfway through the auction, an anonymous donor proposed a challenge: reach $2,500 and receive a $2,500 match. Well, reach it we did, and thanks to that generous match, additional donations and the proceeds from the auctioned items and services, we raised a whopping $6,303 for Girls Who Code!


Everyone had a great time and the raised amount smashed all expectations. Moreover, the event made for an excellent reminder (and celebration!) of the pleasure it is to work with so many creative and generous people.


For more about Girls Who Code, their very recent study on tech’s growing gender gap, and what can be done to tackle it, please visit:


Written by Ashley Lindsay, Isobar US Senior Interactive Developer

Photos by Rachelle Bowden, Isobar US Functional Lead

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