Gartner Digital Marketing Conference 2016

Gartner Conference CX


By: John Krammes, Isobar Engagement Director

I attended the 2016 Gartner Digital Marketing Conference in San Diego in May, and was impressed by the amount and quality of content. I couldn’t help but reflect on the great work we do at Isobar and how we continuously drive clients to the forefront in their industries. Here are some of the conference highlights I’d like to share with you.


Let’s start at the very end.

The amazing Julie Hopkins gave one of the last presentations of the event. “The Science and Investment Behind Viral Campaigns” delivered a reminder that we can’t create viral content, only audiences can. But Hopkins’ four fundamentals do enable us. Viral content 1) connects with you, 2) keeps you, 3) drives you to share and 4) drives to a conversion process.

I immediately thought of when adidas asked for our support to launch the new D Rose 3. Just as adidas was to release this new product, their key spokesperson, Derrick Rose, suffered a devastating knee injury. We worked with adidas to create an interactive social media campaign that shared Rose’s rehab journey with his fans, giving an authentic behind-the-scenes look at his recovery. We kept Rose top-of-mind with his fans while increasing sales.

This initiative drove over 15 million mentions across all social channels and 7 million+ views on YouTube. That may not meet Julie Hopkins’ criteria for something globally viral, but we certainly hit the mark with the adidas target market.


Augie Ray, Virtual Reality, and an Isobar shout out.

Augie Ray is Research Director, Customer Experience for Marketing Leaders at Gartner. His presentation was “What’s Real, and How Marketers Should Prepare.” Virtual Reality (VR) is all the buzz in marketing, but Augie warned about investing in it before we know its ability to impact business objectives and the scale of which it can reach audiences.


He had a very short list of successes – among them, Isobar’s “Chevy CoDriver,” which he said was a great example of using VR to differentiate in a crowded market. (VR is one of many leading edge technologies we use to help clients set themselves apart.)


Gartner’s Jake Sorofman and our Enterprise client.

Jake analyzes digital marketing strategy, trends and practices. He and our client from Enterprise, Yona Spiegleglass, delivered “How to Evolve Your Content Marketing Program From Experimental to Operational.” Jake talked about how pace setters are using content to create separation from the pack, and ten key investment areas that drive content marketing maturity. He then turned things over to Yona, who took the audience through the Enterprise story and how the company is using content to drive customer engagement.

Add in a few dozen more sessions across the 3 primary tracks for this year 1) How to Win at Data-Driven Marketing, 2) Creating and Executing Winning Marketing Strategies, and 3) What’s Next: Preparing for Marketing’s Newest Trends and Techniques…plus three exceptional keynote presentations and you get a very informative and engaging conference. I can’t wait to see what they have in store for us next year!