Student Outreach: Isobar Office Tour and Creative Sessions


Student Outreach


By: Brayden Varr, Isobar Senior Visual Designer

Sixteen students from the New England School of Art and Design (NESAD) at Suffolk University visited Isobar in Mid-April. NESAD, an art school located in Boston, offers degrees in Graphic Design, Fine Art, Illustration, and Interior Design. The students who came to visit were freshman across all majors taking the Integrated Studio course taught by Susan Nichter. In this class, the students were challenged to act as the creative department of an agency and work in tandem with the Sawyer Business School (SBS) students who represent the project management. As an agency, the students from NESAD and SBS, were assigned a product and tasked with bringing it to market. The NESAD students visited Isobar to learn how an agency operates and how we come up with our creative ideas.

We hosted a round table discussion with the students, members of the creative, experience, technology, and account teams. Each discipline talked about their role and how it fits into the project timeline. Diving deep into the creative process, the group discussed how we work together to come up with concepts and ideas and then how we bring them to life. To inspire the students, we showcased some of the work we’ve created at Isobar and how the concepts fit into the overall strategy.

After this discussion we took a tour of our space. We visited the Isobar NowLab to highlight our innovative work and encourage them to push the limits on their projects.  A few weeks later the students put together their ideas and presented to a large group at Suffolk University. Check them out below and see what two of the students had to say about the experience.

Gia Nicole Sarkis: “For my project, my group and I came up with a product called “The Burn Band” which is a wristband you can wear that changes colors due to your skins exposure to the sun- so it can help you prevent getting a sunburn, or helps to let you know when to re-apply sun block. We came up with our idea and key message as a group and innovated this product, as it is already on the market, just not available worldwide. Visiting Isobar was definitely inspiring and helped us to know how to work together to get a great idea going! Thanks for the visit!”

Abigail O Shobajo: “My group created a cylindrical contraption that will be placed in state and government highways to generate renewable energy as vehicles pass over them. We were able to come up with this idea after brainstorming independently and then coming together to go over our ideas as a group. Visiting Isobar was an inspiring experience that influenced the way we ideated using several sticky notes to display our ideas and eventually narrow them down to the best idea.”

An alternative energy tool that creates power from cars driving on the road.

A product that lets people know how long they’ve been exposed to harmful sun rays.

A portable shelter to help refugees and homeless people.