Translating Passions into Smart Ads

By: Account Manager, Shawna Ramsey

It’s difficult to gain anyone’s attention with the vast number of ads out there. It seems like almost all ads follow the equation of touting features and benefits. At the SXSW session, Smart Ad Campaigns – It’s Not About The Product, a panel explored what it really means to connect with an audience, communicate a brand message, and make a really terrific ad in the process. In reality, often the really successful ads don’t heavily promote product features. The ads reflect the consumers’ passions as a means to attract an audience.

When using consumer passion points as pathway to success, the panel provided the following tips:
·        Understand your consumer journey
·        Find meaningful insights that you can leverage to connect on the consumers’ terms
·        Accept that consumers make decisions beyond tangibles
·        Have faith that consumers can figure out the product benefits

The brands participating on the panel, Plum Organics and MasterCard Worldwide, walked through a few examples of television ads that really worked for them. In Plum’s example, they were trying to connect with parents that use their products. Plum drew upon consumer insights as well as experiences of company parents as inspiration for their ad. They positioned that parenting can sometimes feel very lonely and it is often tough. Self-doubt is a realistic attribute that all parents experience. Based on these facts, Plum chose to focus on those imperfect moments versus trying to showcase family perfection. The feedback indicated that the ad content deeply resonated with their consumers. Plum is continuing to look at their marketing work as an ongoing conversation. It is critical for Plum to continue to engage in a relatable way in the formats that consumers desire.

Another television ad that the panel reviewed was “A Man’s A Boss, A Woman Is Bossy” produced by Pantene Philippines. The brand tapped into cultural and social issues with the creation of the ad. At the time the ad debuted, there was a lot of consumer criticism swirling around it. The panel discussed how important it was for brands to be authentic. The best way to make this happen is for the brand to operate and reinforce the attributes that are outlined in their campaigns. It shouldn’t be a one-time action. Companies need to make sure that their actions are true to their brand and it’s DNA. At the end of the day, it’s important to make thoughtful decisions for your brand and stand by them.

Explore some of the television ads discussed within the session:
Parenting Unfiltered – Plum Organics
A Man’s a Boss, a Woman’s Bossy – Pantene Philippines
Worth It – Hefty® Ultimate™ Cups

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