AWS re:Invent Insights

By: Colin Angel


AWS re:Invent 2015 was a whirlwind of announcements, which is becoming more and more common at this cloud conference. AWS launched and previewed new services which can dramatically improve the adoption rate and ease of migration to the cloud.

Of special interest to enterprises are services to more easily ingest, process and analyze data, including tools to migrate from Oracle and Microsoft. In addition, tools to improve security, define governance rules and enforce compliance have been added. This will be a boon to organizations in regulated industries (HIPAA, PCI etc) looking to move to the cloud.

On the device front, AWS has announced a cloud platform for the Internet of Things or IoT. This will facilitate development of applications which can interact with smart devices.

In addition, a new platform for rapid development, testing and deployment of mobile applications was launched.

Also at the conference, Isobar had the opportunity to present a client case study. In March of 2015 we helped to launch a major redesign of the Royal Caribbean website. Isobar developed and deployed the new website on AWS Elastic Beanstalk.

We selected Beanstalk for improved operational efficiencies, reduced time to market, and ease of use. With this Platform as a Service, Royal Caribbean was able to delegate management of development and test environments to their Marketing group, reducing the turnaround time required to provision infrastructure for marketing initiatives and projects. In addition, it greatly simplified the deployment and operations of the website in production, handling surges in traffic during peak season in a much more cost-effective fashion.

The re:Invent session about Elastic Beanstalk which includes our Case Study is available on Youtube.

AWS continues to be an important partner for Isobar as we assist our clients in finding the best solution to their business needs. The AWS cloud is increasingly a key component of these solutions. 

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