Catherine Cook School – 8th Grade Internship Day

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Catherine Cook, a leading PreK-8 school in Chicago with a focus on education in technology, holds an annual Internship Day for 8th grade students to spend a day in the office with parent volunteers and get exposure to various industries and career paths. We were able to host two boys, Logan and Brody, in our Isobar Chicago office. Both boys expressed an interest in marketing and with Catherine Cook’s strong focus on technology, spending the day at Isobar was a natural fit for them.


The whole Isobar team had as much fun as the boys did! After initially wow’ing them with our office and views, we separated them and other Isobar volunteers into Team Logan and Team Brody. Each team brainstormed ways to improve or create a digital experience for a topic that interests them. Both teams jumped right in. Logan worked with a timely passion of his, the Chicago Cubs current playoff run, and created ideas for an app specifically intended for superfans. Brody worked on ideas for an app he uses a lot, iFunny (which most of us older folks hadn’t even heard of!). They were pros at this! Within just 30 minutes they both had whiteboards full of ideas and thoughts. Their insights were spot on and left our own team members impressed at what they came up with. Logan even extended his ideas to come up with a unique social campaign for the Cubs called #herotozero. His campaign positions the number zero as a positive thing – both in resetting the running clock of years since the Cubs won a world series back to zero from 107, and the idea that Cubs pitchers seeing zeros on the opponent’s scoreboard is a good thing. We wrapped up the day by having them present their ideas to everyone and we were all equally impressed at how well they presented their thoughts. We have a lot to learn from these talented boys and their future is bright. Can we say future Isobar interns?


This was a great experience for all involved – the kids, our team, and me, as a parent of a daughter also at this school. I look forward to doing it again and hope we can do more like this across our offices as well.


On my way back to the school to drop the boys off, I asked how they enjoyed the day. Both boys simply responded: “you have an awesome job.” I agree.

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