Isobar and Startup Wellist Collaborate in 72-hour Creative Cram-fest in Boston


On July 23rd, a sea of anxious creative marketers and entrepreneurs flooded an upstairs room of a creative agency in Boston. Very few of the attendees knew quite what to expect. After a few speeches from The Ad Club and the hosts, the lights were dimmed and whispers dulled. Each participating agency was then paired to a hopeful startup and given 72 hours to build them a brand from the ground up. Each team envisioned what might become of their brand in a single weekend. This was the beginning of the second annual 2015 Brand-a-thon.


The creative team from Isobar, Brayden Varr and Phil DeAngelis, were paired up with Wellist. They are healthcare progressives who have reimagined how to make life easier for the caregiver of long-term patients suffering from debilitating illnesses. Wellist connects the patient’s family members to a collection of 22 different services including: lawn care, pet care, house services, food delivery, pharmaceutical support and financial planning services.


The team from Isobar, which also included Creative Director Tony Gould and Vice President Steve Myers, met up with the Wellist team to learn everything they could about the determined startup. Then a weekend of furious branding and campaigning began. Because the work was done over the weekend, the large Isobar Boston office above South Station was racketed only by the nervous chatter and frantic laughter of two lone Creatives working against the clock to create a new brand identity for Wellist. Empty cans and crumpled art-boards quickly filled the war-room.


Going on almost no sleep, Brayden, Phil and Todd Macleod (Motion and Editing Extraordinaire) hit submit on the final presentation around 7:00am EST Monday, just in time for the regularly scheduled work week to begin. All the participants will be presenting their work in Boston on August 6th to a packed audience at the Revere Hotel. Our team is excited to unveil their project, and could not be more proud to represent Isobar.


Brayden and Phil would like to issue a special thanks to: Steve Myers, Tony Gould, Todd Macleod and Amanda Schuler.

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