How Apple Watch Will Change Human Behavior in 2015

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 Our digital evolution has not always been smooth and gradual. Sometimes it takes a particular moment of inspiration or feat of engineering to create new products or services that change the way we interact with the world around us.

The creation of URLs and HTTP, the iPod, the first notebook sketch of Twitter, the beta version of Google, the flawed first iPhone are among them – and it’s notable that three of these great catalysts for digital progress have come from Apple. What’s obvious is that Apple has a strong track record in making transformative digital products.

And so it’s no surprise that Apple Watch has generated so much interest. Opinions are polarized. Are people ready for a “phone on their wrist”. Do we want to be constantly irritated right on our skin by every email or text that arrives? Are brands going to push messages to us 24/7? Who on earth will spend $17,000 on something that will last only 3 years at the most?

While only time will tell, our view is that if anyone can make Wearables appeal to the mass market, it’s Apple. After all, anyone around in 2007 can remember the terribly geeky smartphone market that existed before the first iPhone. In their product design, we believe that Apple has squared the circle of fashion and function that has defeated almost everyone trying to enter the wearables market to date. Allied to a vast marketing budget, embedded brand partners, and a global army of developers, Watch has, in our opinion, the best possible chance of taking Wearables to the mainstream.

In our paper, we explore the transformative effects that Watch (and the anticipated surge in other wearable and IoT devices that Watch will generate) will have on our digital and human behaviors. An understanding of these should guide brands and businesses in how and why to develop services in the new era of interaction that may be upon us.

Please get in touch with us if you have any questions or comments and we hope you enjoy the imminent release of Apple Watch!

Download the report here.

View on Slideshare.

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