CES 2015

CES 2015

CES 2015 saw roughly 200,000 industry professionals descend on Las Vegas to network, conduct meetings, make deals, and check out an almost unimaginable array of new products and services designed for the consumer marketplace.

The last decade has seen an explosion in the popularity of the event, as well as an expansion of attendees across non-traditional vertices — agencies, media companies and others hoping to gain something by also attending.

Many question why the event has become a must-attend week for agency professionals and at Isobar we have a unique answer.

We are in the business of helping international brands market themselves, but we are strategists by nature, have technology in our DNA and are recognized internationally as innovators.

We’ve redefined what a digitally focused agency can be. Not only do we provide traditional digital marketing services, we’ve become leaders in digital product and service design and are often called upon by our clients to help them design and launch entirely new businesses.

Our work requires us to have a very strong understanding of consumer preferences, emerging trends and the culture in which they live.

CES’s expansive program and vast array of exhibitors provides a rich ground for research and analysis; a venue to gain understanding, connect dots and validate many assumptions.

In addition to taking clients on curated show-floor tours and participating with talks and panels, our team works every year to dive into what CES really means.  We walk the floor with the intention of summarizing the major points for our clients, employees and partners and look for insights that can help us better understand the digitally connected, consumer-focused world in which we live and operate.

The Isobar team attending also had the opportunity to tour the showroom floor with Joe Mandese of MediaPost to explore some of the technology and startups we found to be most interesting.  You can read the full article in MediaPost here.

While not exhaustive of all of our thinking, the 2015 Isobar CES analysis provides an overview of primary product categories, offers insight into companies doing interesting things, and lays out an insightful analysis of what the current trends and continued advancement of consumer electronics might mean for both brands and consumers.

Download the 2015 Isobar CES Analysis Report.