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We were pleased this week to learn that we are one of ten companies evaluated in Forrester Research, Inc.’s The Forrester Wave™: Innovation Agencies, Q4 2014. Forrester has a unique perspective on categorizing digital agencies as they outline in last year’s research piece “The Next Act For Agencies: The Post-Digital Agency Landscape” December 6, 2013. We believe that their thinking underscores the importance that executives place on innovation and the primacy of digital in the innovation conversation. Recently I had a discussion with Stanford futurist Paul Saffo, where he referred to digital technology as the “solvent” leaching the glue out of companies.

For Isobar, innovation has always been at the core of what we do. From our mission – Ideas Without Limits – to our 13 NowLabs around the world, to our sponsorship of the MIT Media Lab, we have always believed that innovation and digital should be synonymous.

We believe digital is at the beginning of its golden age. Companies like Seamless and airbnb are only showing us the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the innovation possibilities of digital. With cloud computing, big data, geolocation and device proliferation, digital is fast becoming DNA that underpins nearly every human interaction. Try to name an activity that is not in any way supported, influenced or driven by digital and you will end up with a very short list.

But with this awesome power comes complexity. For companies to harness digital today they must balance strategy, design and technology. It is why we built our entire 69 office, 3,700 person agency around these pillars, and why companies like Fiat, Royal Caribbean and Enterprise Rent-a-Car turn to us to support their digital agendas.

We are in complete agreement with Forrester’s view on the role of innovation agencies today and appreciate our standing in that peer group. We are even more pleased that companies like Royal Caribbean see us as key partners as they harness the power of digital to transform the consumer experience.

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