Comedy Central App Lets you Watch Full Episodes Wherever You Want

Congratulations to Comedy Central on the successful launch of their new app designed and built by Isobar!  Fans of comedy can now access Comedy Central’s programming (both new and archived), in addition to enjoying curated collections to uncover new shows and comedians or re-discover classics. If that alone doesn’t convince you, how about a personal endorsement from Stephen Colbert himself!


There’s an old saying in our business, “great work is done with great clients.”  This has never been more true than in our work with Comedy Central.  We started together with three simple goals: 1) create an exceptional experience for viewing long form video content, 2) blend the broadcast and digital brands and 3) ensure that our app is uniquely designed for fans of Comedy Central.


The media and entertainment space has seen it’s fair share of disruptive products and business models recently.  But the experiences delivered by TV Everywhere apps to date tend toward cookie cutter versions of thumbnail images and episode titles.  We’ve heard many network executives say that content is the star and our app shouldn’t get in the way of that – and we don’t disagree.  But if all you have is a bland user experience on top of your content, you are doing your brand a disservice.


With Comedy Central we started by looking for ways to break from the ubiquitous grid to deliver a more immersive and compelling layout that inspires exploration and discovery.  We also sought ways to inject Comedy Central’s voice and sense of humor into the app.  This of course starts with the content (videos) but is reinforced throughout the entire app experience from the loading screen to show descriptions to the social content woven throughout.


We like to think we were successful.  The Comedy Central app is currently featured in the Best New Apps section of the iTunes app store (no higher praise than this from Apple) and Mashable called it “elegant, minimalist and easy to navigate … sharply focused on delivering full episodes to you mobile device, with intuitive customized settings to ensure your favorites are front-and-center. Still, extra goodies like original shorts and standup clips are easy to find.”



But don’t just take our word for it.  If you have a US-based iTunes account, download the app in the App Store now.


We are proud to partner with Comedy Central to create such an engaging way to experience full episodes of great comedy wherever you want to watch.


You can also download the previously launched Comedy Central Standup app which Isobar developed.

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