Ten Learnings From SXSW

1. Humanize Technology by Applying Empathy

▪    Five Steps :

       1. Get Physical

       2. Stir an Emotion

       3. Reward Immediately

       4. Go Mobile

       5. Set a Goal. Please watch this video, I promise you will forever be inspired by innovation: http://www.themostpowerfularm.com/about

▪    Humanizing Technology & Using Innovation for Good. – Emad Tahtouh, Tim Beusing


2. Real Time Storytelling.

▪    The secret sauce of storytelling is to combine real city explorers, remote control tourist, careful planning and curation, social media, and immersive video to design an epic crowd sourced interactive city guide of Melborurne. Explore yourself http://remotecontroltourist.com/

▪    The Secret  Sauce of Real Time Storytelling – Dustin Callif, Jason Nickel, Jason Zada


3. Technology is Changing the Way We Create Things.

▪    First, tools are becoming smarter. We are now using computers as an extension of our brains.

▪    Second, new sensing methods are allowing us to go beyond using technology to read simple vitals into understanding the emotional and behavioral side of the choices we make.

▪    Third, new manufacturing is causing us to rethink how and where things are being made. Manufacturing in the future will need to be somewhere between large scale and local.

▪    The Future of Making – Joi Ito, Tim Brown


4. Future Looks Wearable.

▪       Technology will change the way we look at art in museums, solve global health issues, create new social networks, immerse us in entertainment, and learn A LOT about us.

▪    Sports technology is advancing to allow us to monitor the hits football players are sustaining, the severity of impact as well as their heart rate and speed.

▪    Top Tech Innovation Trends for 2014 – Gary Sharpiro, Keven O’Malley, Robert Scoble


5. We are No Longer Simply Designing For Rectangles.

▪    We are moving away from rectangular things. We now need to get up from our desks and feel things with our hands.

▪    Note data without interpretation is just quantified noise. We need to give data a purpose. By combining meaning and human experiences we will be able to deliver insights and foresight.

▪    Our role is to create new beautiful devices, constantly improve on existing services, tailor to user experiences, cross touch points, and NOT stop at concepts!

▪    Reorienting UX Design for the Internet of Things — Alfred Lui


6. Big Data Has to Get Small to Be Relevant

▪    We must look at small, quick data for insights that will allow us to motivate users behaviors towards areas of personal interest while driving them to new experiences and paths of discovery. After all, our preferences are constantly shifting and changing.

▪    Big Data Inverted, The Best Candy From Strangers — Chris Colborn, Dinkar Jain, Maria Bezaitis, Oren MIchels


7. Prediction: Focus Groups Will Go Away

▪    Research was historically tied to a persons past and memory, now we can ask users questions in real time while they are happening. User generated content including reviews and ratings are changing the landscape of research.

▪    How Mobile is Changing the Research Universe — Andrew Campbell


8. Yep, There are Many Pros/Cons to Responsive Web Design

  • With thousands of devices and counting being designed, its time to leave device screen size behind.
  • When choosing Responsive Design, one must consider the Pro/Cons of Technology, Visual Design, User Experience, Content, Performance, SEO and Usability.

▪    WTF WRD! Agreeing to Disagree — Amanda KRauss, Caryn Lusinchi, Chris Wiegman, Hawk Thompson


9. Yes

▪    ” I know everyone is applauding me for hiring women, but that’s something everyone should do”

▪    Running the Show: TV’s New Queen of Comedy – Mindy Kailing, Adam Pally, Mike Barinholtz, Anne Fulenwider


10. For Future SXSW Attendees

▪    Choose panels and sessions that will inspire you, but be prepared to pivot and head to the room across the hall if you are unable to get in. Chances are you will be just as inspired.

▪    If you are in a session that is not keeping your attention, head to the Trade Show. You will discover just how global SXSW has become.

▪    Yes, get excited about swag… stickers, pins, t-shirts, cellphone charger key chains, bags, posters, trucker hats.

▪    Bring Rain Boots!