VOTE NOW! Roundarch Isobar Panels at SXSW Interactive Festival

It?s time to start voting for proposed panel topics and speakers for the 2014 SXSW Interactive Festival. This year Roundarch Isobar has submitted three sessions to be considered for the 2014 lineup. The voting period will last from August 19th through September 6th.

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The Disruption and Evolution of Media Consumption

-?? Dave Meeker


Description: Media Mayhem! Advancements in consumer technology have led to shifts in how people interact with information, think about computing, and consume content. This cultural evolution is widespread due to the ubiquity of connected devices and the ongoing push to make broadband as widespread as possible. Disruption is afoot across industries including media and entertainment. ??Join Dave as he presents some research and findings about how connected consumers are starting to think about content ? and how the big industry players might best react to the change. It?s no secret that content is still king, but staying top-of-mind with your audience means re-thinking what “content” means and how content might need to evolve to keep pace with the expectations of the viewing audience.


Invisible Computing- Fusing Wearables & Big Data

-?? Dave Meeker


Description: We are creating massive amounts of information that far exceed any of our historical expectations, and the machines we use to access that information are becoming smaller and more integrated into our day-to-day experiences. This reality is the result of the collision of various technology movements ? wearable computers, big data, mobility, and the internet of everything. User experiences are changing and our screens are starting to disappear as we move towards a world where information empowers us like never before through voice, speech, machine learning and other emerging technologies. It’s time to break free from tethered computing and take digital experiences with us using our invisible computers!


Transform Community Behavior With Digital Design

– Colt Whittall and Greg Stielstra


Description: Can drinking wine help you live longer? Imagine an entire community voluntarily adopting healthy behaviors to improve the quality of life for everyone. Roundarch Isobar and Healthways found a way to create a digital experience that improves lives and make stronger communities. National Geographic reporter Dan Buettner identified 5 ?Blue Zone? communities around the world where people live to be unusually healthy until a very late age. Buettner partnered with Healthways to launch a program that brings the power of these identified healthy choices (including drinking wine) to cities around the US. After a successful test run of this partnership in Orange County area of California, Healthways and Wellmark teamed in 2011 to implement the Blue Zones Project as part of Iowa?s Healthiest State Initiative. Healthways and Wellmark use web and mobile to inform the public, call people to take action, and keep the momentum of success going.