Roundarch Isobar Team Gears Up for 2013 SxSW Interactive Festival


With 48 hours until we depart for SXSW 2013, planning and obsessing has reached an all-time high at the Boston office. There is a lot to look forward to for 2013?s SXSW Interactive Conference.?From celebrity speakers to industry re-known gamers, this year?s sessions seem to be packed with advice, perspective and encouragement. Our team of four Roundarch Isobar women is on the hunt for the very best of the fest. Here are the events we?re most looking forward to attending:

Lydia Damon

As a Visual Designer with some coding skills, I?m looking for events that focus on the agile design process. ??Designing UI in Keynote (Not Photoshop)? should be an interesting 2 hour workshop on Saturday. My loyalty will always lie with Adobe products, but in order to move away from designing static pages, we need tools like Keynote to prototype quickly and play with interactivity. In addition to design and tech, I?m also interested in the intersection between music and free drinks; I?ll be exploring this topic at the AMOA Arthouse, which is hosting ?Beat and Bytes,? featuring DJ sets by buzz-y electronic acts like Classixx and Neon Indian.


Rachel Tanner

Epic session titles such as, ?How to Solve the World?s Problems? will certainly prove to be instructive and possibly overwhelming. Personally, I look forward to some of the more light-hearted, but strategic talks like ?The Art of Making Fun of Yourself? or ?Why Your Brain Needs Negative Feedback?, in hopes that they will help my everyday attitude and perspective in the office. Being a young female in the industry, I am very interested to hear?Anne-Marie Slaughter speak about ?Why Women Still Can?t Have It All?. I hope her session entitled, ?Beyond Work/Life: Changing the Debate and Making Change?, will reveal a more?integrated approach to the typical life/work balance.?And I have to admit that the star-struck-celeb-stalker in me is really looking forward to the talks given by former Vice President Al Gore and MSNBC?s Rachel Maddow.


Adrianna Gonzalez

The new found discoveries and memorable moments that await me at this years SXSW Interactive Conference are guaranteed to yield endless opportunities and become a source of inspiration for many years to come. This epic conference spans across five jam packed days and is hosting countless talented individuals and speakers who are coming together to present their ideas on our multi disciplinary industry and its future.?Emerging 3D technologies, topics that inspire self development, awe inspiring typography and sessions with influential thought leaders, such as former Vice President Al Gore are just a few golden nuggets, that will serve as incredible motivation and continue to broaden any creative individual”s mind. SXSW here I come!


Astrid Chow

Having carefully sought out the perfect mascot (Mr.Yupychil – see picture) for our trip to SXSW, I couldn?t be more delighted to have this amazing opportunity to attend multiple sessions such as, ?Muppets to Mastery: UX Principles from Jim Henson,? ?Anarchist to Sell-Out: Punks Make Better CEOs? and ?Designing Habits: From Big Data to Small Changes?. I will be attempting to blog throughout the conference, spicing things up with as many visuals (and possibly video with Mr.Yupychil) as possible. Absorbing as much of the great tech/design/business/advocacy energy as I can, I plan to pickle it, put a bird on it and bring it back to the new South Station office for all to enjoy!


Mr.Yupychil in the new South Station office in Boston – Ready for lift-off to SXSW!