The Blue Zones Project? by Healthways – Join the Movement

Roundarch Isobar has been working with Healthways, Inc. since 2010 on multiple web and mobile design and development projects.? So when they came to us to discuss web enabling a partnership they had with New York Times best-selling author and National Geographic explorer, Dan Buettner about his book The Blue Zones we leapt at the challenge.? The premise is to apply health and longevity lessons derived from these geographies ? called Blue Zones by demographers ? to a population within the United States. This partnership is The Blue Zones Project initiative which seeks to create a Blue Zones Community? with a systems approach that allows citizens, schools, employers, restaurants, grocery stores and community leaders to work together on policies and programs that will make the most impact and move the community towards optimal health and well-being.? Roundarch Isobar delivered the new website in April 2011 to Healthways, Inc and their initial community clients in Beach Cities, CA and four demonstration sites in Iowa.

The?website?provides an overview of the findings in the book by showing users some of the guiding practices being incorporated by these communities to make a difference in people?s health.? It provides background on the existing communities employing these principles and enables individuals, organizations and businesses to pledge and support the movement.? Lastly, it provides details on what activities are being done by participants today, how to create social connections to get involved and compelling reasons to join.

Recently, an article providing more evidence of this system?s effectiveness in the Beach Cities has been published with very promising results. ?The article, “Beach Blue Zones miracle: Beach Cities show big health gains“?covers how the Beach Cities Health District came to learn about the Blue Zones Project and the primary players who have made it so successful.? It underscores the continued convergence of web applications within our collective lives to enrich how we acquire information and interact with our communities. The?article?declares,


?The Blue Zones Project his reached virtually every aspect of the community since outreach efforts began in late 2010. It has been active in schools, workplaces, restaurants, city politics, and perhaps most crucially, in building a series of social networks that increase community connections and support healthier behavior. People who were previously strangers have formed small groups called ?moais? ? based on a practice among the longest-living people on Earth, in Okinawa, Japan ? in order to walk together, cook together, and discuss their purpose in life.?

Another article, “Waterloo man attributes weight loss to Blue Zones involvement” gives another similar success story from Waterloo, IA.? Roundarch Isobar continues the ongoing support and maintenance to this website and is incorporating new capabilities every few weeks.? We look forward to the continued success of these communities by finding ways to incorporate these principles in people?s lives via social networking and using this content to convince more organizations to adopt easy changes that can make significant differences.