High School Grad Creates Top-10 Most Used Widget on AF Portal That Was Designed and Developed by Roundarch and Prime Contractor Lockheed Martin.

Emily Lemmerson graduated from Algonquin Regional High School High School this past May with an AFCEA Scholarship which included a summer internship working with the Global Combat Support System – Air Force (GCSS-AF) at Hanscom Air Force Base. GCSS-AF tasked Emily to create a “widget” on the AF Portal all users could add to their Workspace. The Workspace area (found under the Personal Space tab) allows users to create custom workspaces or dashboards by adding and configuring widgets from the widget gallery.

Emily came to GCSS-AF with no programming background, so her first step was to learn how to program in Adobe Flex and Java. She spent about three weeks reading, watching tutorials and working on sample applications before starting on her first widget. Emily decided a user-customizable world time zone widget would be beneficial to the Air Force communities since the Air Force is spread across the globe.

Emily’s design allows users to select multiple time zones, rename them, and customize the ordering of the time zones. Her widget was then submitted to the AF Portal content manager to make it available in the widget gallery.

Since the widget was first published in August 2010, it has been added to ~17,000 workspaces and is now in the Top 10 most popular widgets used on the AF Portal.

AF Portal users may add the Time Zone Widget to their workspace by clicking the “ADD CONTENT” button, then click “ADD ITEM” next to the Time Zone Widget.

Workspaces can also be shared with other users on the AF Portal through professional networking. Users can navigate to a colleague’s profile, and then select a Workspace to view. The entire workspace, or selected Widgets can then be easily copied to your own Workspace by clicking “COPY WORKSPACE” or “+” on each widget you want to copy.

Coming in Spring 2011, the AF Portal will allow users to collaborate in groups. Portal Groups will have customizable workspaces, a network wall, and discussion forums. Included in the release is presence awareness so users can see when their colleagues or group members are online and chat with them through a new Beta AF Instant Messenger (AFIM) client built into the AF Portal.

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