Decision Maker – Roundarch Develops a Fantasy Football iPad App that Harnesses the Power of Bloomberg’s Statistical Analystics

For the last few months my team and I at Roundarch have been working with Bloomberg Sports on Decision Maker for iPad. We’re happy to announce it’s now live and available for purchase from Apple’s App Store.

Decision Maker is an application that uses custom algorithms to deliver quantified head-to-head analysis of your favorite NFL players to help you manage your lineups each week. The Bloomberg Score, or B-Score, is based on factors that include the player’s Performance, Opponent Matchup, Team Support and Game Conditions for that week. The player with the higher B-Score is the better bet that week.

We tackled the project holistically, from concept and user experience flow to the user interface design, iconography and branding, down to development within the iOS environment. One of the goals throughout the project was balancing simplicity and complexity. It had to be simple enough for novice fantasy players but also provide the complexity and details advanced fantasy players demand.

We encounter this simplicity as soon as the application loads – select one player from column 1 and one player from column 2 (or use the auto-complete fields in the middle) and click “Run The Numbers.” Alternatively, you can refine your search from the entire NFL to a specific position or team through the settings button at the top of each table.

Once we “Run The Numbers,” we’re taken to a head-to-head view of the results of our player comparison. Once again, we start out in the top half of the interface with the most essential information – do I sit this player or do I start this player?

As we move down to the lower half of the screen, we can view the details that make up the scores. Even for those who might not initially want to see or understand the data presented below, the interface is designed to encourage users to drill down and explore the various factors. Everything is tap-friendly and provides more context and information – from the risk/reward chart overlay to the info tool tips, to the radar chart tips.

A big thank you to everyone at Roundarch and Bloomberg Sports who made this application a reality.

iTunes App Store: Decision Maker – Football 2010 for iPad

quantified head-to-head analysis tool to research their favorite players or manage their lineups each week

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