Roundarch Joins Yahoo! Web Analytics Consultant Network

Roundarch thrives on creating and implementing digital experiences. Part of building that experience is creating a robust web analytics infrastructure that supports future business decisions. This entails identifying and tracking KPI’s as well as choosing an appropriate web analytics tool(s). Selecting the right tool for a client requires consideration of many factors. From annual costs to reporting needs to analysis requirements, each is an important factor. Site redesigns offer a unique opportunity to assess current tools and determine if the incumbent tool is meeting your needs. A Brand new site, new technology, and new CMS equals great time to install robust data collection routines and refocus on the important metrics.

It is with this in mind that Roundarch is proud to become part of the Yahoo! Web Analytics Consultant Network (YWACN). By joining the network, we expand our breadth of expertise that in turn benefits our clients. While Yahoo! Web Analytics (YWA) is not the appropriate solution for all of our clients, there are some that can benefit from YWA’s unique value proposition- free and a little less sophisticated than Omniture SiteCatalyst, but more sophisticated than Google.

Routinely, our clients question the value they are extracting from their incumbent web analytics tool. While often this is corrected through alterations in implementations or increased focus of resources, sometimes, we do find a client whose cost/benefit ratio is out of whack. In these types a scenario’s GA or YWA are valid alternatives and qualify to be part of an alternative solution. This enticing alternative allows clients to reallocate $’s from software to people. This is crucial because tools don’t create insights, people do. Analysts are the ones that use the tools to assess information along with the surrounding influences and offer profitable recommendations.

Roundarch Analytics strives to provide the best value solutions for our clients. And Yahoo! offers an alternative that may make sense in some situations. The Roundarch Web Analytics team is looking forward to a long and fruitful partnership with YWA.

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