Roundarch Sponsored Flash & the City Highlights

Flash and the City was this past weekend, and I have to say, it’s great to have a Flash conference here in New York, you see so many different faces than at the usual conferences out on the West Coast. Thanks to Elad Elrom for organizing, and the event’s sponsors (including Roundarch!) for supporting the conference.

There were a lot of good speakers at the conference. Some of the highlights (other than Roundarch’s own Adam Flater and Jesse Freeman) included Seb Lee-Delisle, Joel Hooks, and Stacey Mulcahy. Peter Elst demoed the new features available in AIR 2.0 including the new HTML renderers that render HTML 5 in flash. Lee Brimelow gave a talk on the new MultiTouch support, and ran a demo in which he was able to detect up to 60 individual touch points. Grant Skinner’s Quick as a Flash talk was also really informative and really useful for the large scale RIA’s we build here at Roundarch. I particularly appreciated that he followed up his Flash Player 9 benchmarking of uints, ints, and Numbers with benchmarking and Flash Player 10, and pleased to see that uints are behaving much more as expected.

Unfortunately, I had to choose between speakers at a few of the time slots. I missed Branden Hall’s demo of Hype, but I heard his talk was great, and the HYPE framework looks really promising. Branden has posted a demoof a HYPE project running on the Nexus One, and the performance is impressive, and I’d love to integrate it into an upcoming project.

One of the unique aspects of the Flash and the City conference was it’s ‘city track’, where rather than your normal presentations, conference attendees went to museums, went on city tours, or even went for dim sum, which were a lot of fun, and provided more networking opportunities than you’re average conference.

One of the highlights of the conference was the cruise and awards Saturday night. Even after living in NYC for the past 7 years, I hadn’t ever seen NYC from a boat, and it was beautiful. It was also another opportunity to meet other developers, some of which I’ve corresponded with for years online, but never actually met in person.

In all it was a fantastic conference, and I really look forward to next year.