Roundarch and Tesla: Reinventing the Driving Experience

Once again, It is the time of the year when designers, developers and business folks who are interested in great digital experiences journey to the annual Adobe MAX conference to share ideas, learn and partake in the always over-the-top festivities put on by our friends at Adobe.

This year’s conference kicks off this Sunday in Los Angeles – The best information on the conference itself can be found on the Adobe MAX Web site.

This year, Roundarch will be sending a small army of designers and developers to the conference to participate in sessions, answer questions at our booth, and participate in discussions with our partners at Adobe as well as our clients around the next-generation solutions we are working on related to the myriad of Adobe technologies.

For this year’s event, Roundarch has partnered with Tesla Motors, one of our most interesting new clients who is clearly not afraid to push the envelope in terms of customer experience, design and technology. It is an exciting time for the team at Tesla, and there has been a lot of buzz around their latest announcement that, in addition to the planned release of the Tesla Model S sedan, they will also bring a family of other vehicles to market in the next several years.

Needless to say, I was thrilled when Adobe invited our team to MAX to present on the design and the technology behind the Tesla vehicles, specifically the prototyping process and the ongoing effort to develop the truly innovative infotainment system that will be the cornerstone of user experience in the future vehicles.

It isn’t as simple as designing an online application using Adobe’s technologies and tools. In fact, the entire process of starting from scratch and designing a full system from the ground up is one monumental design challenge.

We thought it might be interesting to share what we’ve learned, and where Tesla is headed with the attendees at Adobe MAX, and have two different sessions planned at the conference:

Reinventing the Driving Experience
Join Franz von Holzhausen and members of the Roundarch team for an interactive discussion about the many challenges related to automobile design, from form factor and industrial design to onscreen user experiences. The team will discuss process and share what it took to produce the Tesla Model S show car.

  • Time: Tuesday, Oct. 6 – 1:30 p.m.
  • Location: Room: 406A

Behind the Technology of the Tesla Model S
Join Roundarch’s Adam Flater and Dave Meeker, along with Brian Finn and Evan Small from Tesla Motors, for a lively discussion on the process of developing the technology that powers the user experience (software and hardware) in the Tesla Model S infotainment system. They will discuss the challenges of creating a web-enabled vehicle, and how Adobe technologies have made it possible to bring concept to reality in the Tesla Model S prototype.

  • Time: Tuesday, Oct. 3:00 p.m.
  • Location: Room: 406A

We hope to make the most of the conference, and have structured these sessions to be focused on crowd participation. Neither the team at Tesla or our Roundarch folks find much use in formality for conference talks, so we hope to present some interesting “behind the scenes” information related to the design and technology of the prototyping process and have a healthy group discussion with those in attendance. Our goal is to have the audience members ask questions and allow the team to provide answers. It should be very interesting, and will provide a pretty deep look into the world of Tesla Motors.

If you will be in attendance at the conference, I encourage you to attend these sessions and also stop by our booth on the main conference floor (Booth 435). It shouldn’t be hard to find… Just look for the Tesla Roadster parked out front!

See you at Adobe MAX!